Monday, February 27, 2012

I am so pleased!

If you came over from Nat's blog I am really pleased to meet you!

Say hello!

Today I thought I might share a bit about myself:
 A few years ago I had a quilt selected by jury to be exhibited at the Tokyo Quilt Show.
What an experience!
It really ignited my interest in all things Japanese in particular their textiles.
I started collecting…..
Two years later my quilts were again juried into the Exhibition and remarkably a quilt was selected for the “Wa” section. This is for quilts of Japanese themes or fabrics. I was astounded!

For some time I have been working with these old (and not so old) fabrics from kimonos and futon covers. I unpick them, gently pulling out some one else’s stitching.
I wash them, sometimes after a good long soak, and hang them out in the sunshine.

I day dream about patterns and quilts while I’m ironing them.

Making a quilt from the fabric can be quite difficult. I have a limited colour range and different textures. Once I have started a quilt I like to always finish it though this is slow sometimes. As I am working away I get disillusioned with my abilities and decide it’s time to try something else.

But then I get close to finishing: hemming the binding and I feel the almost completed quilt …..
And I am on to planning the next one

ps. this is my 'trip around the world'


  1. Hello! I am here from Nat's blog and I am so happy that I have found another who loves Japanese cloth. Your trip around the world quilt is beautiful. I love to look at the different fabrics you have included. It is gorgeous! I will be back!

    1. Thanks Jeannie. I am relatively new to blogging and to have viewers so far afield is fantastic!

  2. Yes, I found you at Nat's place, and I'm glad I did!

  3. Never doubt your abilities, what you make is fantastic.
    Yet, without a little doubting, we wouldn't be pushed to explore new ways, isn't it?

  4. thanks for sharing this successful story!!!! I love what you show of the quilt. Is it brown that you combined with the indigo? Very special.
    I was in Holland for ten days so could not visit you!!!!