Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Presents

I have been hard at work these last couple of weeks
making some gifts.

 I kept them under wraps until I had given them to my friends

These little sewing wraps are based on a "housewife".
That  was a little sewing kit my father had during the War
 for his mending and running repairs while he was in the Airforce.
Mine measure 3 3/4" x 11" (approximately) and are made from the remants of my quilts.


  1. this "housewife" is wonderful! such beautiful colors and textures.

    at the risk of killing the cat, i'm curious, what did your father's measure out to?

  2. Beautiful! I have heard of these, but never seen one. I'm sure your recipients will love them.

  3. Never have too many needle roll (housewife) - Love it...

  4. I wish i had one like yours made with indigo fabric, I LOVE them; Do you have a pattern?

  5. These make great gifts, are pretty and oh so useful. Yours is lovely.