Saturday, January 12, 2013

having fun

While I am still hard at work finishing things 
and doing the paperwork
for my exhibition
I have been having a  bit of fun making these
little jewely rolls.

 I love to travel and try not to take too much.
Don't we all?
But I always take something to dress up...

 So the plan is...
I wrap my special piece in this roll and put it in a shoe for protection!

In case you want to ask
these little darlings measure approximately
7 3/4" x 4"   or   19.5 x 10cm


  1. They are simply beautiful Maria.

  2. Great idea, I certainly need one of these!

  3. What a lovely piece to pull out of your suitcase. A warm reminder of home and heart.

  4. Cute little rolls - we will try and get to see your exhibition - Hugs Nat