Monday, January 28, 2013

well stacked!

I hang my exhibition tomorrow!
Am I getting excited??
I have taken down all the quilts:
I have had them hanging in case they drop a bit, 
and they have.
Just a bit.
So I have hung up some "old" ones.
Oldies but goodies!

I think the new ones make a good stack though.


  1. That 'old' one is also a beauty. Don't be too nervous<!!!!!

  2. Jacky and I will be there. Can't wait...

  3. I love your house quilt!!
    Good luck with your exhibition!

  4. That's a beautiful stack of quilts. Good luck with your exhibition, it will be amazing from what I have seen on your blog. Please post lots of photos. Give Nat Palakas a massive hug from me please. Have fun, love Lis

  5. This is such a pretty quilt! I look forward to seeing photos from your exhibition.

  6. Love your house quilt! it is one of my favorite patterns.