Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Old and new

 I have gone back into my stash to make a cover 
for my handy little thingy

 and a bag for the charger

Rewind your life.
Spool through the memories.
Relive some of the highlights.
Recall some of the chacters who travelled with you.
Revisit some of the places that helped form your views.
See how far you have travelled.
Discover the things that matter.
Cherish them."


  1. Those old kimono's are more than beautiful.......

  2. That handy little thingy has a lovely new bed for sleeping. Love the little charger bag too. Oh how I love accessories.

  3. Great job... oh, and I do like the new font.... isn't it funny how things like that can just tickle your senses!
    Jean C.