Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We've done it.
Walked 144.5 miles or 232 kilometres.
That's not counting back tracking, wrong turns, walking to the pub, short cuts that weren't,
and walks after dinner.
Yesterday was a bad day.
It poured rain all morning (yes on with the water proofs).
It was wet, muddy and very slippery!
Through the gate?
Or over the wall?
Through the quarry...

hmm, over the creek as the tide is rising...
More walking and another ferry,
Slow going,
And then here we are....

a very grand B&B.

The final leg of our walk into Falmouth.
Wish the path was like this a bit more often.
And our final view of Cornwall from our room?
That's the public loos.


  1. Did I tell you that my ancestors came from Cornwall? Cambourne

  2. Congratulations on finishing!
    I have enjoyed all your photos along the way. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Congratulations indeed, what a commitment. You must feel very proud that you completed the walk. Now, are you ready of some 'serious' fun?