Friday, September 27, 2013

2 small

More small things...
 Do you read blogs?
 Or just look at the pictures?

Do you like my pincushions?
What is the  word for a collection of pincushions?
If you are local to me you might like to visit.... 


  1. I read blogs, but I also love pictures. Your pincushions are lovely.

  2. These pin cushions are like a "pod" of pincushions....ha!
    Love them, Maria.

  3. Yes i read blogs, and look at the pictures too.....and yes yes yes i love your pin cushions, this is just the type of pin cushion that i need for my wayward pins, they have a nice bean baggy kind of look about them...all squishy and cute..xx

  4. i love them and i am fond of many many pictures. i am in Italy at the moment, the class will start tomorrow and I feel very lucky for this opportunity.....