Friday, January 24, 2014

Favourite colour

I don't have a favourite colour.
I do, however, like the effect when I make a quite in one or two colors.

In this case yellow and cream.
It's like a burst of sunshine: yellow.
Not that sunshine is in short supply downunder.

I am loving my lastest quilt!
All finished.


  1. I know you love yellow roses! Your quilt is beautiful. I've been doing my tiny court house steps tonight.

  2. Beautiful! Your straight line quilting is just the perfect texture for this stunning quilt!

  3. I have been admiring this quilt the whole time you have been making it. It is the meaning of the word "cheerful." It would be hard to stay sad if you were next to this quilt. Good job!

  4. So beautiful!!! Such a soft, dreamy looking quilt in those gentle, cheerful colours, and so much hard work with all the log cabin strips! And then all that quilting! I am in awe!

  5. What a beautiful quilt, Maria. The colours are so calm and gentle and pretty.

  6. I love your sunshiny quilt, too......your quilts really make me smile.
    Are you going to take a course in France next summer? Hope you do! I will be there late July....lots of swimming then.....yay.....
    Stay cool in your summer heat..