Thursday, March 19, 2015

Grampians Texture

Did you notice I might have been away.
I have been doing my favourite thing.....

Not textiles really, but paper this time. 
I spent the weekend making "feral" books.

Now I think I will do this slowly so you don't get overloaded.
We drove to Halls Gap
which is about 1 1/2 hours west of here,
3 hours west of Melbourne.

 It felt like I was walking in  a McCubbin painting.

I would wake in the morning to the sound of kookaburras
and kangaroos grazing out side my window.
How amazing is that!!

 walked to class each morning past the wildlife....

 Check out these two?

I am glad I am nowhere that right hook!

And my book.
Rather upstaged by the wild life.


  1. Wow that book looks good. I love the use of the maps. What highlights do you have hidden in the pages? Which binding stitch did you use?
    Looking forward to hearing all about it at easter.

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