Thursday, July 30, 2015

Are you still there?

We are still here and thinking how fortunate we have been.
After finishing our little walk we have had a couple of days in Robin Hood's Bay
and Whitby and then a couple of days in York.
York is lovely town but in rained for 2 days non stop.
You have to be committed to sight- see in that kind of weather.
So glad we had fine weather for most of our walk. So glad.
Yesterday it fined up a bit.

A blog post about clouds? Why not?
I forgot to say we have a car for a few days. Lucky.


  1. Blue, white and grey for the next quilt?

  2. Ever changing clouds. Pouring rain here tonight.

  3. Hi Maria, hadn't realised you were away - been off the air but just returned.

  4. I've really enjoyed your photos Maria. Almost as good as being there!