Thursday, July 16, 2015

Keld to Reeth.

12 Miles or 20 kilometres.
663 metres up and 808 metres down.

It was a beautiful sunny day
with a light breeze.
We should have been on an easier stretch by now but the mountain climber wanted to take the higher route through the old lead mines. The old buildings were interesting, attractive even, but the landscape has been left devastated.

The walk into Reeth was lovely and gentle to finish the day
except for all the narrow gaps and stiles we had to negotiate
in the stone fences, field after field.

Reeth is such a pretty village the filming of "All Creatures Great and Small" was centred here.


  1. Hi Maria, There was no blog from you before I went out this morning so good to find these lovely photos when I arrived home. The lead mines did leave a mess. Did you recognise the buildings from "All Creatures Great and Small"? Off to cook dinner.

  2. I'm enjoying your Green pictures, and the comments on your walk. Reeth is so pretty and quaint, looking at it makes me yearn for simpler times! keep those pictures coming! cheers!