Friday, July 17, 2015

Reeth to Richmond

12.5 Miles or 20 kilometres
Yesterday we had a pleasant stroll to Richmond
whick took about 4 1/2 hours.
So easy and pretty.
This will look good as a tiny appliqué.
There were still many stiles, gates and tight squeezes.

There were woods and fields.

As we descended into Richmond were admiring this allotment
and chatting to one of the gardeners
( everyone has been friendly up here in the north)
when he picked us a snack....
After 10 days of walking, about 120 miles so far, and 6 days still to go we are resting in Richmond.
So no "full English" for me this morning but homemade muesli and a croissant,
then off to the castle.


  1. Tiny applique. Love the idea.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey with us.

  2. It looks lovely. Still freezing here - apparent temp in the minus all day!