Friday, July 3, 2015

Well my knapsack's packed.....

I have done the most important packing....





And I'm ready to go.


Off for our next big walk.

But. We were three hours late leaving Melbourne

and slow leaving Dubai....

We are here now,

took a big long walk to Southwark for tea and

had a good sleep last night!




  1. So you are in Europe now!!!!!! I hope the UK is not too hot, here in France we are melting. Take care and enjoy your walk. I bought the india Flint book, sooooooooo inspiring.

  2. It's great to have some handwork to do on long plane rides, waiting in airports, etc - especially when it's comprised of your beautiful Japanese wovens! I have that rotary cutter necklace too but recently have taken on a small cheap pair of craft scissors (with a very short blade) with no problems through security!

  3. I will enjoy following your travels. Happy trails to you!

  4. can't wait for pics of your travels!

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