Friday, August 12, 2016

Hadrian's Wall

Greenhead to Once Brewed ( I know, it's a real place) only 14 kilometres,

but up down up down up down up down......

It has continued to rain but you'll be pleased to know the sunscreen is lasting.

And we got to walk beside Hadrian's Wall today:

"Fasten your Caligae (Roman legionary sandals) firmly, shoulder your sarcina (legionary marching pack) and thank the gods that you're not carrying the 50kgs of equipment regularly packed onto the back of a Roman soldier.





Not impressed? This dates from AD122. Just imagine the proposal from the civil engineer...

The Wall ran for approximately 80 miles (73 Roman miles or 117 km) and had turrets or milecastles every (Roman) mile and larger forts at intervals along its length. The forts would have had a garrison of 500 cavalry or 1000 foot soldiers, and milecastles were manned by 50 men. The wall would have been made of stone and turf and would have been 5 metres high and with a defensive ditch.....

And the view when we reached the "Trig" point? A bit like it has been all along.... But all these views will lend themselves to my new watercolour skills.

Lovely bed tonight and the central heating is on!



  1. Another interesting day with photos and a history lesson. Doesn't look much like summer.

  2. Love going along on your trip with you. Thanks for the photos and comments!

  3. Bed looks comfy, just what is needed after all the exertion. I must say struggling with the idea of central heating in Summer but I guess that is from an Australian perspective.