Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sunshine all day

Byrness to...... 27.1 kilometres.

We started the day with a horrendous slog up a very steep muddy slippery hillside.....

so I hope you appreciate the view.


It has been a gorgeous day.

We are taking 2 days for the final leg of our walk, some do it in one day but that is way beyond my abilities.


We spent nearly all day walking completely alone, so sign of habitation, no roads and sign of civilisation

(except paths and fences).


I think this might be my favourite shot for the whole walk!


I do like a lovely slab path, that turns a neat corner.

Or is this my favourite shot?

The penultimate day.

PS, we are in Scotland.


  1. So, you are almost at the finish line!!! Lovely photos today, very peaceful indeed.

  2. What beautiful scenery. I wish I had a map to follow your progress. Do you use walking sticks? We find they help a lot on those slippery hills and rocks.

  3. Spectacular, it looks heavenly.

  4. Spectacular, it looks heavenly.