Monday, August 8, 2016


Langdon Beck to Dufton 21 kilometres (13miles)

Today it was windy. There is no way to depict in photos how windy it was.

We started our walk with the wind swirling around us as we walked upstream by the River Tees,

(note the clear and simple path....)

arriving at Caldron Snout. This is described as

"a rocky scramble beside the thundering falls. Very exciting."

Combine that with the wind and it was terrifying more like.


Once we had successfully negotiated that challenge we slogged for hours, uphill, really strong wind full in our faces. The gradient lessened but the wind didn't.

And we arrived at High Cup, an incredible sight:

a perfect textbook U-shaped demonstration of the aftermath of glacial erosion.


The guide book says if the wind is howling sit and gawp for as long as you can.

We had the other extreme, hanging on for dear life hoping to transverse without being blown off.

And now down here in Dufton it is a pleasant windless evening



  1. You've had me in stitches with this post! The description (theirs) and yours of Cadron Snout is priceless. Enjoy!!!

  2. Hope there is less wind tomorrow. We have high winds forecast here for tomorrow night. Thanks for your photos.

  3. Oh yes, geography textbook stuff, perfect and well worth the climb and braving the wind!

  4. Fantastic scenery and I'm glad you survived!