Saturday, February 18, 2017

Almost March

Sometimes it seems time passes so slowly and then all of a sudden it's gone!

Since Christmas I have been cutting lots and then sewing a bit everyday

until finally I basted this quilt a few days ago.

I must admit I wasn't overly thrilled with the quilt when I had finished the top.

Don't you hate that?

All that work and then an underwhelming result.



I like it better now I have started quilting.

I am using Wonderfil Spagetti thread.

I really like this thread: it's thicker that quilting thread but thinner that Perle

and it is mercerised so it slips through nicely.

What do you think of the colour choice (orange)?



  1. I Like it, especially the quilting - tablecloths? Sounds interesting

  2. I think that the top is quite refreshing, and that you couldn't have chosen anything better than the orange thread

  3. The orange stitching is bringing this quilt to life! Thank you for the tip on the thread. I think it's one I'll try.

  4. That's a new thread to me; I'll have to look out for some. I think the orange is a clever choice and is adding just the necessary amount of variation from the yellow.

  5. What didn't you like about the top? Design or not enough tonal variation. Yellow and orange are colours that I use quite a bit, I really like them but have had less enthusiastic responses from others