Friday, July 14, 2017

Longtown to Hay-on-Wye

Our walk started out with a thigh busting 500 metre ascent back where we descended yesterday.

Phew. A hard way to start the day.

Didn't look that high from down there!


Lovely long paths to follow today with mild ascents up top eventually reaching the highest point of Hatterrall ridge (and the whole of Offa's Dyke Path) at 703m (2360ft).

They have done a lot of work laying flagstones to conserve the peat bog.

You might like to look at last year's description of struggling through on the Pennine Way.



As we made our way from one cairn to the next we were keeping a close eye on those clouds.

We were assured in the morning it was going to be a fine day but I packed my waterproofs in my day pack as they were muddy and didn't want to mess up my suitcase. Fortuitous.

Hardly see a soul all day and we encountered this lot

and they decided to descend the other side at the same time as us.

They never look very high from the bottom but we have just descended 677m (2221ft).

For once there are other people in my photos.

Distance covered today: 22 kilometres

Rest day in Hay tomorrow, famous for its bookshops.



  1. Enjoy the bookshops. Thanks for the photos. I think my sheep would enjoy some of the lush pasture pictured on the earlier days. Cold and wet here and the forecast is the same for most of next week.

  2. What magnificent scenes from the top of the hills though! Yes, do enjoy the bookshops, perhaps you'll let us have a peek with your next posting.

  3. I think I would need several rest days and at least two books

  4. This is evoking happy memories for me. Hope you enjoyed Hay!