Monday, August 1, 2011

Class day

Class day today. I made a cake. 
Anyone who went to the Craft show in Melbourne could pick up the free Women's Weekly. 
This was the Sticky Date Pudding in that magazine. 
I have never made one. Well why would you? They are served up at every event you go to. It doesn't have the caramel sauce yet as I was heating that up to serve. Yum. Yum
Lucky there is photographic evidence though as

 This is what it is doing. Not my colour either!
So I put my card in someone elses's camera. How often can you do that?
Should I buy a new one? Tomorrow?

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  1. Depending on what kind of camera it is and how long you have had it! I found out that mine was still under warranty went mine started having problems. I mailed it back and they fixed it right up. Even fixing for "free" something that I had done by accident when I dropped it! You never know until you check out your owners manual and if you remember when you bought it!