Thursday, November 18, 2021

Ah…log cabin

Is it just me or has this blogging business got more complicated?
Or less complicated?

Has anyone noticed differences I should know about?

I have kept myself busy making a log cabin quilt. 
I saw one draped across the foot of the bed in a popular TV show that inspired me. The block placement looked quite random. Got carried away and did another one!

A large proportion of the fabric and thread were "donations" (and these are both BIG quilts)

I have hand quilted them with Wonderfil Spaghetti thread.  

It is lovely thread somewhere between the thick Perle thread favoured by some and quilting thread. It is mercerised so pulls through nicely.

 You can see one my favourite log cabin quilts back here
It has been comforting to have stitching to fall back on when so many around you seem to be 
struggling or losing their commonsense. 
Cheers for now. 

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  1. Less people seemed to be engaged with the blogging platform so it's easier in that vein maybe? Blogger definitely seems more complicated than it used to be and definitely harder for people to leave comments. I love your log cabin quilts so much. There's so much joy in hand quilting on these sorts of quilts. Good for you and your lovely finishes!