Sunday, August 7, 2011

tunnel vision

The mountain climber and I have just been for a walk. When we were about 10 minutes from home a kid approached us in the street asking for $1. This happens occasionally here with varying excuses: I am rarely sympathetic. He said he needed bus fare home so I offerred to drive him if he came along the short distance to our home. 
I call that the genuine need test.
He accepted.
He was a small skinny  fellow with very blond hair (natural? ) not dressed for the very cold weather today. But turns out he is a dirt bike champion with a couple of industry sponsors. Very chatty and very polite! A really nice experience!


  1. hmmn, an interesting sunday snippet for sure.

  2. oh wow, so gald he took your offer I often wonder when kids go missing if sometimes they just were asking for help,lovely story indeed,cheers Vickie

  3. So sweet of you to offer him a ride... and good that hubby was with you!