Thursday, September 29, 2011

A bit of weather

Because the weather yesterday afternoon was like this

I worked on this.
We had thunder and lightning and 2.5mm (1") of rain in a very short space of time. The water found all the spots where the gutters could be cleaned and I had a bit of mopping to do!

Funny how making the first exciting bit of a new quilt is so easy then composing borders is SLOW!


  1. Wow Maria, you have been busy, it looks great - colour colour colour - love it! I have had a tidy up of my sewing room, so I can find certain projects, and there are more than I thought there were. Keep happening upon a basket, and hmmm, another project started!

  2. We had so much rain and thunder here too. I love that quilt. Just love the rich colour. Is there a trick in piecing those pieces? Hugs Nat

  3. I am in love with colour at the moment, but I am not yet ready to put a lot of it in what I do. I admire the way you can combine all these different fabrics and keep it elegant and not clashy.