Friday, September 2, 2011

Freaky Friday

I have to get this off my chest!
 I was in Melbourne this morning (I live in the country) and boarded a tram in North Melbourne and "touched" on.....
Beep beep says the thing "touch again"
I touched again and and again and got a sympathetic "tch tch" from the 2 "ladies" (close to my age) watching and so I went and sat down. Very quickly a large figure loomed above me: Ticket Inspector.
THEN one of the 2 nice ladies( also Ticket Inspectors) pointed at me : "scan her!"
"Oh is there a problem?" I say, "I tried to touch  on, over and over ask her"
"But you don't have a ticket, do you?"
Well was I cross? The whole tram looking on and getting the opportunity to make the necessary arrangements for themselves. Any way he went on and on, apparently I hadn't swiped on since August 6th!! I explained not so calmly that I don't live in Melbourne and haven't been on a tram in that time.
And then he demonstrated at another machine that the card worked. I pointed out that I didn't know you had to touch on at all the machines but perhaps THAT lady (or any other good samaritan) could have assisted me.
Not her job!
A lovely lady then came to my assistance but was forcefully brushed aside.
He told me he wasn't sure how to handle all this, not sure what he expected at that stage but I pointed out I now had a valid ticket on my card!
"Must be going", the 3 of them said. No uniforms by the way and they would not give their names!

Sorry no photos today.


  1. No photo required!! I could picture the whole incident. Last week when I was in Melbourne people had trouble "touching on" with cards and this caused endless delays on the crowded trams. Not a pleasant experience.

  2. Very frustrating, I undestand. Some people are just mean and unhelpful, they seem to thrive on this.
    Do not worry, a little accident that is already in the past.

  3. How annoying. Anyway, don't us country types get free tram travel thrown in with our train tickets for that day - or has that system changed?

  4. That's too bad... but the lady that tried to help was a sweetie..... whether they thought so or not! Always someone that can spoil a perfectly good day hmmm? What would they have done if it had been a tourist? Not soo great for tourisium hmmmm?

  5. As a postscript to this
    I saw these same ticket inspectors the other day. Yes I did have a ticket but I would have taken my time finding it.
    Unfortunately they didn't get on my tram
    they are well disguised