Sunday, September 18, 2011

going green

 I have been drying my own mint.....

from this....

 to this

 and into my favourite jam jar

and here is one of my one-colour quilts (still to be quilted)

now I'll try the oregano....


  1. I love the one colour quilt and your dried mint.
    My plant suddenly died, I wonder why. I love to have aromatic plants on my balcony and I use them profusely when I cook.

  2. I LOVE DROOL LOVE the one colour quilt. I must get back to my rainbow Kaffee one like this, I don't know what's stopping me. Are you free this Wed arvo??? Pete commented, "you haven't seen Maria much lately" bless him.

  3. Oooow.... do you use your mint for mint tea? I love it! We've used if forever... even when our kids were tiny for tummy troubles... works wonderfully! And soo nice to relax with.
    The greens are sooo cool and refreshing. Nice!