Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am very excited. I am doing my first swap over the internet! 
I left a comment on a blog I follow and one thing has led to another....

I am unpicking some interesting pieces from my stash of vintage japanese fabrics.
Hope you like these Joe.

I like this quote from Joe's blog as well

start where you are
use what you have 
do what you can
                     arthur ashe


  1. Good quote.... there is another one that I've read ever since I can remember; Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, Or do without. Not sure who wrote it but my grandma said that she remembered it from around the time of the Depression. Makes sense to me! So, I try to live by it!

  2. These Japanes fabrics are fabulous. I am thinking of taking an extra empty case on the tour so that I can back with plenty of them...but I should first get rid of some of my stash as Joe rightly points out.

  3. What fun swapping with Joe (my fab. Blog friend). I love the quote too - hugs Nat

  4. Sad to say I never received a return package. So a gift, rather than a swap