Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Indian Cotton

These fabrics look so beautiful don't they?
I bought them in India when we went to a wedding in January. 
On Monday I washed them and hung them outside. 
It was such a windy day.
I am disappointed though because I don't think that they are pure cotton. They had that polyester smell when I ironed them.
Don't know whether to use them or not.

 We had a bithday  at class this week.  I made a flourless orange cake!

My mother used to say
"Here's your coat. What's your hurry?"
I couldn't wait for them to go so I could start on this quilt.

I found the instructions on the net at about midnight the night before.
It was all I could do to go to bed rather than start cutting out right then!
I am going back to my sewing machine right now!


  1. I miss seeing the ladies in their bright saris riding on the back of a motorbike! That is a lovely block. Enjoy the rest of them - Hugs Nat

  2. I love the photos of the cotton on the line - excellent blog pictures. I too want to have a go at that quilt. It's school tomorrow and then concert tomorrow night then school again, before I can even think about it. Bring on holidays.

  3. I'm with Annie. Love the 'blowing in the wind' pics!
    And that block is a ripper. I've made a quilt like that quite recently:
    Andi :-)

  4. I love the colours of the fabrics and I was disappointed too to discover that what I thought to be pure cotton contains some synthetic. But if you ask, in India they will say anything to make you happy!
    The quilt looks stunning, and the cake too. Is it Nigella's recipe? If not, can I have it please: I am on a gluten free diet!

  5. Hello and lovely to hear from you, thank you for the lovely comment over at my 'crafte nook', always great to hear from fellow bloggers.