Sunday, November 20, 2011

collating the left overs

Phew, that's done.
I would show you the whole thing 
but I have to wait for some one (or 2) to hold it up for me.
In a day or two.
Meanwhile I have been collating the leftovers.

How do you store yours?

I haven't decided whether to make one small quilt 
or more of the "chopstics"quilts
Like here and here.

Now for the backing....


  1. Just magnificent! I love what you do with the scraps and must try and take up this habbit. Tried commenting on my lap top yesterday but still not working

  2. Amazing work on both counts (quilt and scraps). I love the idea of having your scraps in usable blocks so they're ready to go once you get enough of them together. Great idea!

  3. Wow, all those indigo's!!!!! So beautiful.

  4. I like to make something with leftover scraps too - it's like a bonus (free) object. And it's fun to play with precut bits.
    Love your beautiful indigo quilt top!
    ; )