Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trip Around the World

I know there are some of you 
 out there 
 who are getting very excited about your own big trip

But my friends
and I 
have doing our own trips around the world.

Meanwhile back home
it's harvest time!
I think I will have to make some cards


  1. Love the Trips - must finish mine off

  2. Both are beautiful, I made mine some months ago in Amish colors. And good luck with all those apples. Last year we also had so many apples, we gave away a lot.....

  3. Beautiful trips around the world and fruit. Congratulations.

  4. Love love these versions of trip around the world too. When I finish (big if) my Japanese Textile Study Tour quilt I would like to make scrappy ones too. Ten more days and counting - hugs nat

  5. Oh yes, VERY excited.
    Those quilts of yours are fantastic, I would like to wrap myself into one of those.