Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Well what a busy few days....

We have been to a few trenches...

Belgian ("the trenches of death)

German trenches

and then we drove to Lille to a

nice hotel and a nice cuppa.

and then we wandered around the old town for a day and a half.


These photos are the Cathedral. It has a very modern facade on an old building.

I wonder if it was controversial at the time .

We found a lovely bistro run by dad (centre) and son

We even stumbled upon a patchwork shop!



And then we bought some nice cakes and ate them in bed!

Yum yum!

Today we have travelled all day and are now in Cornwall.



  1. Magical photos Maria. So glad you're blogging. I'm loving every step....and cake!

  2. Loving the felty felty too!