Saturday, September 29, 2012


It is with mixed feelings I write today.

I have had the most fabulous week at "tafta" in Geelong.

I have made friends with marvelous women and been re acquainted others.

What a week!



Why the mixed emotions?

I don't think I have been pushed out of my comfort zone

and that's sometimes what you need.

But how amazing is when you meet those you follow from afar

and have their books

and LOVE their work?



  1. Your words and pictures make me curious. Where have you been??????

  2. Welcome home Maria, you have been missed here. Looking forward to hearing about your week.

  3. I too, am curious - and a new follower. Your work reminds me of Japanese "boro" - I look forward to following your blog!

  4. Hi Maria, I saw your tea cosy in Geelong and I picked up one of your card. You could have been there, but I didn't know what you look like so didn't say hi. The indigo sample on display looked fantastic. Which workshop did you do? Will I see you at Kazari's exhibition opening on Sat. 13?