Thursday, November 29, 2012


It's a very popular thing around here to go to the "Trash and Treasure" market on a Sunday morning. 
"Where did you get that?" they say.
"Oh, up at Trash...."
There's fresh fruit and veges
fresh bread and lollies,
second hand books and records (yes vinyl!)

and bric-a-brac! 
Last Sunday was especially good.
Maybe  it was the lovely fine day or it's getting close to Christmas but
I got all this, above,  for $11!
I have been hunting for these sort of vases for ages.

And you know how I love a cup of tea.


  1. Love trash market and opshops too. I have a couple of those glass jugs too and the blue and white teapot, good find Maria - hugs Nat

  2. Haven't been in years...maybe in the holidays