Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Measure twice....

Many years ago, in a previous life, I used to work as an intensive care nurse. To brighten up our stressful days we decided to have a cooking competition once a month.
(Who would have thought that idea would take off? )
My first effort was a batch of scones, which turned out like a plate of rocks!
I 'entered' them anyway thinking at least they would make some one elses look good.

The judge, one of the bosses, said they were just like his mum's and I won!

In that spirit I am showing you this.
Flush with my recent success I have begun a new quilt.
I started with the backing and chose a couple of solids to co-ordinate.
I did all the arithmetic and cut out the whole thing!

Problem number1, I ran out of the salmon fabric.
Solved. I ordered a bit more on the internet.

I did a couple of blocks and then realised a had cut the big green triangles 1/2" too small.
What to do? No more green either.
I will not give up....

in the end I unpicked the blocks and cut them down
from 12" to 10" blocks so that everything now fits.
What do they say?
Measure twice, cut once?



  2. Wow so bright! Good lesson to us, thank you.

  3. So much courage to undo and start again!! congratulations! I'm not sure I would have done that..Nice result. huisvlijtigliesje.blogspot.com

  4. It's a beautiful color scheme. I love the way "mistakes" lead you in new directions.

  5. At least you didn't have re-order again! Way to work it out! Waste not want not!
    Jean C.