Sunday, April 21, 2013


I baste with pins.
Good pins that I buy from the drycleaners.
About 1000 to the box 
and I keep them in these nice old jars....

Trouble is the jars are all full 
and I have nowhere to put the pins from the current quilting.

So it's time to baste a couple more quilts.
Next problem...
choosing a backing from my stash.

Once I have the 3 layers together
I do the pinning at the table 

but with 2 chairs so I can move side to side.
I feel like I am playing a duet
but on my own.

One empty jar!


  1. I find it not easy to sandwich with pins. i did my union station also with pins but now I am quilting and the background is not smooth , there are some folds; pleats everywhere. Do you have advices????

  2. Thank you! This is reminding me that I need to baste some quilts.

  3. I have given up tacking with pins, I always had tucks and ridges however hard I tried. Now I use 505 temporary adhesive. It's expensive but it works and that makes it a bargain in my book!