Thursday, April 4, 2013


 I had a lovely morning  today out with a couple of  friends you might know. When I returned home through my side gate I thought what a lovely day! I might winge about the heat, and no doubt I will soon complain about the cold
but we are in store for a few days of lovely weather

So after a good morning I was inspired to do something with these tiny scraps from this quilt.
Remember I had to do a bit of trimming to fix a cutting mistake?

They are 1" wide.

This block is called "country lanes".
Hmm. I might do a few....


  1. Had a lovely morning too - so glad you joined us. I spent the afternoon in the garden shovelling granite sand and making garden seats. A great day indeed. Very clever you to work out how to change the name. My little friend Brooke came over later this afternoon to inspect and admire all my work. She is a good asset to the neighbourhood!

  2. Wow what tiny pieces - beautiful solids.