Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Is there anything in the house that causes more trouble than the computer?
Ours has been playing up for weeks and getting progressively worse.
Soooo annoying.
So it's back to Blogsy.
A couple of weeks ago I spent the whole week end sewing with the Begonias.
I started this quilt but wasn't too thrilled with my efforts.
The coloured power cords are a nice touch don't you think?
I decided to push on anyway.
Who want another UFO?

42 blocks later....
And now it's together but I haven't got anyone to hold it up.
Home Alone.

Maybe a better photo tomorrow.


  1. I think this quilt top is just lovely, especially with the addition of the sashing and cornerstones. I admire you for pushing on. UFO's are frustrating.

  2. Some quilts grow on you as they develop. I think it looks really good, would make a great quilt for a man.

  3. I love it, I was afraid you really wanted to add those

  4. You are amazing Maria...from humble beginnings grew this wonderful! Had to work today.

  5. Beautiful! It has the look of old work clothes or hand-dyed fabrics. You are a master at combining fabrics!

  6. Just stunning, I love how you show the progression from humble scraps into an amazing creation. Magic Maria!