Wednesday, June 26, 2013


With 2 quilts almost finished this month

I decided it was time for a bit of fun.
I wanted to make one of my "housewives"
that would hold my lovely gingher scissors.

All the fabrics are from my collection of old kimonos and vintage ribbons.
I didn't have a pattern.
Is there a name for applique where the bits are just thrown together?

And today's quote.
Another 'quilt' inspiring one.
Free Fall
Most of our lives are structured.
Most of our actions are planned.
Most of our risks are covered.
All the more reason to free-fall sometimes.
Go with your instincts.
Let your heart lead.
Take a chance.


  1. Beautiful pouch and quote! Congratulations on your almost finishes.

  2. Thanks for the quote! And Your housewife is so really Maria!!!!!

  3. Hi!!! Very pretty and useful!!! Love the freefall!!!!