Monday, June 10, 2013

Long weekend

It has been a long weekend here.
The weather has been cold but beautiful.
I have kept up with the quilting.

We put our eldest son on a flight to Texas this morning.
He has moved there with his Texan girlfriend.
My heart is breaking.

This one is for you Darling.

No matter how far you travel
or how long the trip --
across the city,
across the country, 
across the world,
or through your life --
the journey matters more than the destination.
Enjoy the journey."


  1. Oh I feel for you. At least we have good communications to make the world seem smaller but I don't expect that helps you one little bit. Hugs.

  2. I had an inkling where you were, and got held up Friday...I'll drop in this week.

  3. Dear Maria.....I LOVE your quilts!
    I am looking forward to having you join us in France this August. Katie just sent your travel info, so I will get this note in the mail to you today!
    Have a safe trip and we will see you SOON!
    xo Jone

  4. Dear Maria, my first son moved to California 8 years ago, my second one is talking of moving there is hard for me, and will always be. We have to set them free, but how much this breaks a mother's heart!
    One day at a time...hugs