Monday, June 24, 2013

one week

I can't believe a whole week has passed since I blogged.
It has flown by.
But two weeks sice my son moved to Texas
yet that time seems to have dragged.

My stitching only (mostly) month is paying off.
I am basting another quilt.
I will have photos of the others when its daylight again.
Today's thought?
With experience we realise the importance of patience.
Too many decisions are reflex action.
Take the time to ponder.
Put things into perspective.
Allow situations to develop.
Sense the pattern of things.
Wait unil the moment is right.
Then be decisive.

Is quiliting and stitching a metaphore for life?


  1. A beautiful quote. Yes, I think stitching and quilting help us develop patience and perseverance. Sometimes I wonder, "Do I make the quilt, or does the quilt make me?"

  2. Glad you got your note! It is real and you ARE coming to France!!!
    Nice that you like French Knots - we are going to play with them.....
    Let me know if you are lucky finding things or if you woulf like for me to bring anything for you.
    Safe travels!

  3. Patience is what makes life bearable, but sometimes it is so difficult to be patient!
    I like the quote, gives some peace to me in this moment of decision making.