Monday, July 22, 2013


Westward Ho! to Clovelly.
11 miles. Strenuous.
Completed in 7 hours.
We walked from the top of this photo to the speck of white in this photo.


Some other holiday makers.
Look mum a swing!

Nice beaches,
the path,
some sort of "installation" I suppose.
I am so glad the last stretch was classed as "moderate".


  1. My goodness your hike was so BEAUTIFUL! You are going to be in great shape by the time you get to France! Still a couple of weeks off, but glad I have your blog to follow (to get to know you a bit better)
    See you soon, Maria!
    Safe Travels...... xo

  2. Must have been a hot but beautiful walk! Well done! Clovelly is such a quaint , pretty place isnt it?