Tuesday, July 30, 2013


12 miles:9 strenuous......
Oh whatever. We're here! Took a while.
Wore shorts today because we expected rain.
Less to get wet.
Didn't rain. Ouch sunburnt on the back of my legs.
Port Isaacs (Doc Martin TV show, Port Wen)

A quilt?

Look how far we've WALKED in the last few days!

Port Quin

This plaque at Pentire Point commemorates the moving war poem " For the Fallen" written somewhere on this point by Laurence Binyon in 1914 at the start of WWI. The plaque bears the poem's fourth (and most famous stanza):

Lucky for us the tide was out this afternoon and saved us lots more up and down as we cut across the beaches and then caught the ferry the last bit to Padstow

and our lovely B & B.


  1. Amazing views and treasures you,re seeing. I'd love to go there one day and see it for myself. I love that little doc Martin town.

  2. Your trip is really something else.... I am so impressed.
    Your photos are giving us the feeling of being there, too.
    Can't wait to see your photos once you get to France....

    See you soon!