Monday, July 29, 2013

Port Gaverne

They walked for 6 days and then They rested.
I needed that.
Tintagel to Port Gaverne.
9.5 miles: severe.
Took us 5 hours, good going.
There were a couple of flat bits.

This shot taken looking down into a hole dug out by hand into the cliff edge.These are old slate mine workings.The pillar is 200 metres in isolation. All hand cut and then hauled up the cliff face where it was split into slates.

But look at that weather. We had wind and drizzle
then rain and sunshine.
Then more rain.
The path was very slippery (walking down cliff edges)
and a couple of times I thought
And why is the last mile always so long?
And it poured.
By the time we got to our hotel we were sloshing about in our boots as the rain had run down our legs and into the boots!
Really cute little hotel though.

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