Monday, August 5, 2013


12 miles: mostly moderate but a few hard bits.
Today is the first day I didn't have to carry my waterproofs.
That's because I wore them!
All day.
No need to worry about sunburn and my shoes do seem to be waterproof!
Today's highlights....
Don't you love signs?

And HE loves lifeboat stations.

It was wild weather most of the day.

Beautiful new oak bridge on the path built like a ship.

And then finally today we got to play the cheat card.
It was like the Monopoly card (go straight to Go.....)
We skipped the last bit of the path which had fallen down
(like I felt yesterday)
and went straight into the village.


  1. The pictures are indeed wonderful!!!! Love the bridge with the
    stones on it. Makes me wonder what they are for? Were they attached or just sitting there? First time I've ever seen anything of the
    sort. Neat, kind of like man-made and organic mingling together.