Sunday, August 11, 2013


Paris at last.
We needed this rest.
let me tell you: Paris is shut.
Every one has gone on holidays and everything is shut.
It seems the only people here are us tourists.
I have read about August in Paris but I did not think it was so dramatic.
Most of the shops on my list are shut and the few others don't have my size.
(Or won't allow photos so no point blogging about them!)

On the up side we have a huge lovely room near Le Bon Marche

with a lovely view
And that's the Friday traffic! It's really amazing.

And the metro is empty.
Oh well, doing nothing in Paris is fun too.


  1. I cannot believe everything is shut! Tous les parisiens sont partis en vacances!
    You can visit a nice museum. Or just enjoy the lovely weather in the parks. Btw, I've never seen the metro so empty.

  2. Oh dear...I hope your course is still running!