Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Lizard

14 miles: took forever!
Had a shower and went straight to the pub.
Here are the highlights

Porthleven this morning.

Mullion Cove.

The highlight of the day was these fellows.
We were at the pub next door where this "choir" had gathered to celebrate the 40th Wedding Anniversary of one of their friends. The singing of this 20-strong all male choir was fantastic.


  1. Judy says Amazing pictures and places. Thanks for taking us there

  2. Annie says are you exhausted yet ? Loving having mum to stay in the winter.

  3. The pictures of the choir man are GREAT.....

  4. One day you will tell me how many kilometers was this 'walk'...

  5. Great pictures! I think it's funny that if in deed the pier isn't safe that day.... someone has to go out there and get the red ball up the post! Sure glad it isn't me! LoL....