Friday, October 11, 2013

close up?

A close up did you say?
The is a very large pure wool shawl that could cover a single bed 
but squash into a small chocolate box.
Good for that next big trip....
I am very new to this "eco" dyeing: can you see the imprint of the eucalypt leaves?
The piece was folded and folded again and tied "shibori" style between 2 blocks of wood.
The pale stripes are because I tied with narrow tape intead of string.
I also have some dyed tape as well now.
It's on the little necklaces below.

Why make just one?
This was one small piece of silk form an old kimono which also went into the dyepot last week.
I am thinking a tiny sewing kit?


  1. Your natural dye objects are very intriguing. I'll bet they were fun to bury and pull out for a surprise.

  2. Your work amazes me Maria. Just beautiful - you are an inspiration