Sunday, December 8, 2013

Home Alone

I've been home alone for the last few days!
What bliss.
So I started on a new quilt
all fabric from my stash, so far.

But how long does fabric have to be in the cupboard to qualify as "stash"?
Not sure which way will be "up" ....
I finished this cardigan
except for the buttons.

The yarn is a sort of denim blue.
I added the pocket.
Red buttons?
(By the way, it is Summer here)


  1. I also love to be alone for some days. My days are filled with handwork, there is a mess everywhere and i eat whenever i want i go to bed when i want i drink my coffee when i want . But i also am glad when he is back in the house with all his storýs the noise he makes.....

  2. It's nice to have the house to yourself sometimes isnt it, you can get so much done!
    The quilt looks lovely, and i love the flecked blue cardi too - gorgeous witht he red buttons!
    Gill xx

  3. Love the red buttons. Good question about the stash. . . Looking good Maria and great to have a chat today. Thanks

  4. It's a beautiful, summery quilt! I love your Courthouse Steps and the color scheme. Subtle and fresh, as always. Very nice cardigan too! Knitting just amazes me, as I don't do it.

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