Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Here's how

First, grow some lavender (or pop 'round here).
Cut some long straight stalks, an uneven number. 
I have nine.
You need a length of ribbon about 1/4" or 7mm wide, 
at least a metre.

Tie the bunch tightly
keeping one end the length of the bunch plus enough to tie a bow.
Then fold the stalks down while weaving the ribbon.....under
then over the stalks,
and round.
When you get to the end of the lavender wrap the ribbon round
and tie a bow.
Then trim off the ends.



  1. I've always admired these but have never got around to making one, so I'm so glad you shared how to! Thankyou!
    How lovely to have lavender in flower! Will have a few months wait here for that to happen, but i do have several bushes that i usually just pick for dried lavender, but shall make up a few of these now this year.

  2. How beautiful, will beg some lavender from my neighbour and have a go.

  3. Thank you so much! I've wanted to make these for years. Our lavender doesn't arrive until August, so I've bookmarked this page.

  4. Like dancing around the May Pole . . . I too have always wanted to make these. Great photos!

  5. Thank you, I have always wondered how to make these! Your instructions are so clear that I will be able to do it!