Saturday, February 8, 2014

Still knitting

I'm still knitting so
not much to show you this week. 
Except this.....

My quilt group have been making quilts
 which we donate to our local Hospice, Gandarra.
Here are a couple I have just finished.
They have been years in the making, because I prefer to hand quilt,
But instead they have been machine quilted.
Isn't this fabric gorgeous! ??
It is from a furnishing fabric sample book.

 Difficult to give away....


  1. Never mind it is going to a good cause. The furnishing fabrics make a great overall pieced quilt, perhaps it is the scale of the prints that make for good blending.

  2. wow its gorgeous,well done.xx

  3. Very beautiful! I know these will be treasured. I have similar furnishing samples that have been waiting for a project. You've inspired me, once again!

  4. They are gorgeous people will treasure them , be sure of that...

  5. It's a beautiful quilt! I love how unpredictable the quilts are when we use anything other than quilt fabrics for the quilts. That will be one lucky recipient!