Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My friend Jan gave me a lovely length of dark blue cord
so I could make some more of these...

I am looking forward to my next work shop so I can wear my new "jewellery".

Can someone tell me, though,
when I have edited these photos (cropped, rotated, compressed)
when I blog they come out sideways??


  1. I'd love to solve the sideways conundrum! It is something to do with a setting on the camera (particularly Canon ones, I believe). But you used to be able to rotate the photo in Picasa if it loaded incorrectly. It seems they've removed that option. Can only delete the photo from Picasa, rotate it in the opposite direction on your computer, then upload it to Blogger again and hope it comes out the right way up.If I don't have the energy to do all that, I just tell everyone it's a chance to get some neck stretching exercises in while reading blogs.

  2. I cannot advice you. Je suis nul.......

  3. What a different view you have of ordinary things.. true innovation.