Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I have spent most of today lost.

Lost in Paris!

I've turned left instead of right,

taken a different exit

turned round and round,

and doubled back.

With no one to hold my hand I seem to have lost all sense of direction.

I got this right though.

And I found my way to my favourite gallery, the Pompidou Centre

and met a few old favourites.

Jackson Pollock

Mark Rothko

(Yes you guessed, I'm still thinking quilts)


I love the building and the view.....


Could the real Eiffel Tower please stand up?



  1. Not the worst place to be lost Maria. Enjoy the food. Looking forward to your holiday blogs

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip...have fun

  3. Love the photos
    Looking forward to seeing mor

  4. Oh Paris how I love thee......no place better to get lost in......sublime xxxx

  5. I love Mark Rothko too, such wonderful colors....